Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uganda, Pt. 1

Today, after about 16 hours on various planes, we pulled into Uganda (thank you, Lord, for a safe trip!)

When we had been in Kazoo--as plain as it is--and then Detroit (which is really a pretty nice airport), then Amsterdam--which was really nice (but strange to hear all the different lanuages--and see all the blonde people!)...we flew into Entebbe.


Not many lights...the airport smelled like old carpet (like we used to have in our family room!). It wasn't NEARLY as nice, and it was muggy, etc...the 'creature comforts' were all gone!

Throughout the baggage claim, passport validation, etc. process, I was reminded that I'm DEFINITELY not in Michigan anymore!

But then a neat thing happened...we got ready to be picked up, and about 10 young people came, along with Solomon, to pick us up! They greeted us with welcomes and hugs, as if we were old friends and they were GENUINELY happy to see us!

Granted, we then had to drive 1/2 hour on roads that...let's just say they don't really have much in the way of TRAFFIC LAWS here--and we got to the hotel...we realized it was as if everything was only partially lit...no streetlights, no neon signs, no welcome lobbies in the hotel.

Then it hit me--maybe part of the problem is that we in America get too used to using that stuff all the time--we are TOO dependent on the 'creature comforts'. It makes us soft...and maybe even a little spoiled...

The brightest thing I've seen in Uganda? The smiles of the people! THAT"S what I'm going to try to focus on this week--being willing to see past the 'stuff',and see into the hearts!

Maybe we could all do that--wheter we're in Uganda or not!

till next time,


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