Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I had the experience of a lifetime!

We were able to go on a ‘safari’ around the Muranchu Falls National Park, and view the beauty and the wildlife! Seeing giraffes, water buffalo, hippos, several kinds of antelope, baboons, in their native habitat was an amazing experience! The ruffed beauty of Africa is amazing!

From there we went on a cruise down the Nile River, and saw Alligators, Hippos, and various kinds of cranes and other beautiful birds…ending up at Muranchu Falls—a POWERFUL place!

These experiences reminded me of the creative handiwork of Almighty God, his power and majesty!

It was a breathtaking, wonderful experience.

After all this, we traveled about 7 hours to see Pastor Solomon and his church again…we hoped to get back in time for the service, but were quite late…in spite of that, many people stayed to greet us and thank us for coming, and some of our “Armor Bearers” were there, asking us to come back soon…it was humbling!

I noticed some things on the way back to Kampala, however: The beauty and freshness which had been so wonderful at the National Park were quickly replaced by pollution, crowded roads and noise as we got back to the city. This is a big city—approx. 1 million people…but the roads are chaotic and exhaust-filled, and there is not a lot of room to move anywhere!

I found myself not wanting to come back…I didn’t like the idea of staying in the city a couple more nights. I wondered why people would CHOOSE to life here, when there was so much beauty available in the countryside.

I found out why: The countryside is a life-and-death existence…desperately trying to figure out a way to grow enough food to feed your own family, how to make any money for buying necessities, etc. There are VERY few jobs in the countryside…and if a person wants to have ANY opportunity for advancement…for breaking out of the cycle and doing something one enjoys or is good at, the city seems to be the only real option.

The numbers of people trying to find work and ‘a way out’ around here is staggering. Crowding each other in the streets, cutting each other off in traffic trying to get to the next place…they are everywhere!

Interestingly, Muhamar Khaddaffi, the president of Libya, has seen this—he has placed a HUGE mosque on one of the highest points in the city…he has bankrolled schools…he has bankrolled shopkeepers…all to get the message of Islam out.

But—and I’m going to be very politically incorrect here—I believe the message of Islam is the wrong one! I believe the message of Jesus is the right one—Gods’ grace, as seen in Jesus Christ—paying for our sins and making “the Kingdom of God”—both here on Earth, and later in Heaven—possible.

Jesus said “Lift your eyes and look at the fields…they are RIPE with harvest!” As I look at the city here, AND the countryside, I’m realizing that God loves these people just as much as He loves me…and we must do what we can to get the message out—because others are trying to get a VERY different one out, and they’re not wasting any time!

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