Friday, September 18, 2009

Genuine Worship

Genuine worship

I participated in the Pastor’s Leadership Conference here in Kampala, UG today.

It was an experience I’ll never forget!

The people were so gracious and enthusiastic!

The worship was “all-out”—lots of energy, dancing, enthusiasm, volume…great! I felt the Spirit’s movement very strongly, and it allowed me to really worship the Lord with focus.

The conference itself was a neat experience too. I went last today, and tried to relax and let the Lord speak through me. I have to say, I believe—based on the response—He did!

The people were so kind, and seemed to be so genuinely grateful that we would come and speak to them. What’s more, they seemed to be convinced that we—us guys from Kalamazoo—really had something to say that they needed to hear! They were attentive, and positive.

It reminded me—their hunger for the Word of God, and their desire to ‘get better’ at Pastoring—that we should ALL have that mindset, Pastors or not! If we believe in God, and have faith in Jesus Christ, then the Holy Spirit DEFINITELY wants to bring us closer and closer, and He definitely wants to help us become more like Christ.

I don’t have to ‘wonder’ about that—He does!

That means that, if I’m NOT becoming more like Christ, it is NOT because He’s not working on me—it’s because I’m not putting myself in the right mindset, the right places, etc. to learn! It’s up to me to cooperate with Him!

As our host, Pastor Solomon, says “If you want to get better (at leading, following Christ, or whatever), you must put yourself in places or around people who are already further than you.”

That means that I must humble myself, ask Him to show me where He wants to work, then let Him lead…

I’m ready! I say “Lord, Bring it!”

Will you join me?

“Humble Yourselves therefore, before the Lord, that He may lift you up, in due time.” (1 Peter 5:6)

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