Monday, October 5, 2009


Many people believe in God...most Americans do, according to polls. why don't we experience more of Him in our lives?

I believe that many of us want a God we can control...a god that will do what we want him to...but no more.

Certainly, we don't want a God who asks stuff from us~!

Yet, this is 'GOD'! He is over the entire Universe!

He doesn't work for me--rather, I exist for Him!

...and unless I get that straight, I will never experience Him in any sort of a powerful way in my life.

I was reading in 2 Samuel 6 today, and was reminded of this.

King David was marching with the people, bringing the Ark of the Lord into Jerusalem. As he did so, he went 'leaping and dancing before the Lord'. He was celebrating and worshipping! He was giving it all to God, not really caring what he looked like or what others thought of him.

One of his wives (I know, I know...but that's for another discussion), Michal (who was the daughter of Saul) saw him doing this and "she despised him in her heart". Later, she sarcastically insulted him for doing this in front of everyone--even servant girls.

His response? "It was before the Lord (in other words, I was worshipping God--not paying attention to you, the servant girls, or anyone else around me)...that was a 'me and God moment' [that I was worshipping]...I will celebrate before the Lord, and I will become even more undignified than this, and be humiliated in my own eyes..."

In other words, David is saying "WHO CARES what others think of me when I'm worshipping the Lord?" The point is not 'them', but 'Him'!

David had a tight, vibrant, intimate relationship with the Lord...partly because he realized and embraced his postion--as a servant to God!

As a result, he was able to lose himself in worship to God...not giving a rip if others thought he looked 'undignified'!

I want to worship God that way...focused entirely on Him...not caring about me or how I look, what others think, etc. Yet, I often don't. I try to keep God in a

Yet, the God of the universe cannot--and will not--be controlled by me or anyone else.

May He teach me--and you--to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and to worship Him with abandon!

Let's get 'undignified'...for HIS glory!

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