Friday, October 16, 2009

The King's Table of the KEY concpets in the Scriptures.
When we understand God's Grace it opens up SO MUCH BLESSING for us! In fact, I think it's almost impossible to overstate the importance of, and the depth of, God's grace.

I usually think of "grace" as totally found in the New Testament...but I saw evidence in the Old Testament the other day through a guy named "Mephibosheth" (How would you like to write THAT name on all your checks?)

In 2 Samuel 9, David--Israel's new and great king--has been firmly established. His life is good, and God is blessing him, Big-Time!

One day he remembers a promise he made to his best friend, Jonathan, before he was killed. He had said (1st Samuel 20) that he would always honor Jonathan's family, for Jonathan's sake.

When David remembered this, he inquired as to whether or not anyone was still alive from Jonathan's family...and Mephibosheth was found.

'Mephy' was crippled in both feet...meaning he couldn't farm, and couldn't be a he had little chance of survival (much less riches)...but what does David do?

For the sake of Jonathan, he brings Mephy in, honors him, gives him all the lands that his family (Saul, Jonathan and co) had before, pays the servants to farm it on his behalf, and GIVES HIM A SEAT AT HIS TABLE, EVERY DAY from then on.

Mephy would be treated like the King's own son...because of The King's love for Jonathan. Mephy didn't really 'deserve' it--it was all grace!

IN THE SAME WAY, God the Father offers us LIFE as His child...NOT because we 'deserve' it, but because of His love, promise, and honor toward Jesus.

WE can have a 'seat at the King's Table' because of our relationship to Jesus. God's love for Him compells Him to treat us like we belong--like we're part of 'the King's family'.

It had to be hard for Mephy to get used to that...from a life of begging to a life of royalty. I bet that he went vacillated between not believing it was real (always waiting for 'the hammer' to come down), and taking it for granted...just like us.

I wonder how long it took Mephy to really BELIEVE that He was welcomed at the King's table, and didn't have to worry about losing those privileges nand blessings.

I wonder how long it will take ME to do the same!

If you're covered by Jesus, you have been graciously given a place at the King's Table...enjoy it! Celebrate it! Revel in it! Thank God for it!

...but DON'T refuse it!

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